New generation of load-securing system BOA WINCH®

2T2 Group in partnership with the National Research Council Canada (NRC) have developed a brand new generation of BOA WINCHES®. Analysis to optimize materials and coatings has allowed us to launch a new version of the BOA WINCH®.

Anti-corrosion surface treatment
Stainless steel mandrel
Nylon bushings
Stainless steel bolt
Stainless steel grease fitting

A powerful, durable winch

Many months of analysis and tests in National Research Council Canada laboratories allowed us to validate and optimize the quality of the surface coatings and materials used in the new generation of BOA WINCHES®.

The NRC subjected the BOA WINCH® to the highest testing standards in the industry

-ISO 14993 corrosion resistance test. 125 cycles (1000h) of exposure to salt spray, drying and humidity simulating use in extreme conditions
-Impact resistance tests for nylon inserts and paints as per the SAE J400 standard (projected gravel) at temperatures down to -40°C
-Coating waterproofing measurement through electrochemical impedance
-Cathodic delamination tests on coatings

Convincing results

After experiencing 1000 hours of cyclical corrosion test and projected gravel tests, the results showed the efficiency of the treatments applied to materials. Waterproofing and cathodic delamination tests for coatings show exceptional adherence for surface coatings. The new generation of BOA WINCHES® offers unparalleled performance.

BOA WINCH® after 1000 hours of cyclical corrosion tests. Deliberate streaking for ISO 14993 tests.

Plates being ISO 14993 tested

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy coating tests.

BOA WINCH® after 1000 hours of cyclical corrosion tests. Deliberate streaking for ISO 14993 tests.

Danick Gallant, Ph.D.
Agent de recherche | Research Officer

NACE Coating Inspector Level 2 – Certified No. 37804
Automobile et transports de surface
Conseil national de recherches Canada
Centre des technologies de l’aluminium
501, boul. de l’Université Est

National Research Council Canada