Boa Winch ™

The safest tiedown device on the market

A safe choice

For load-securing operations on flatbed trucks, the BOA WINCH® is the best investment you can make regardless of the load you are carrying. The innovative tension system allows load securing precision that is unparalleled to date.

Thanks to its innovative, globally patented mechanism, the BOA WINCH® is the safest tiedown device on the market and its ease of use makes load securing more efficient.

Compared to traditional winch bars, the BOA WINCH® system’s handle eliminates the risk of accidents related to strap kickback or winch bar accidents.

Ranked among the 10 coolest innovations of 2015

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BOA WINCH® Secure tiedown system

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Secure load tie down

- Eliminates traditional winch bar accidents
- Easy to use for male or female operators
- Minimum effort required for maximum tension


Easier to use the winch and the handle

- Perfect for use in tight spaces
- Perfectly adapted for drop frame trailers
- More efficient for low loads
- Safe 10" ratchet handle
- Hydraulic grease fitting for maintenance


Enhanced precision and speed

- Reduces from 30% to 40% the time to tie down
- Precise tension thanks to a worm gear
- Tension adapted to all types of loads
- Uniform tension on straps, regardless of load
- Quick-rewind handle
- Pre-tightening can be performed with a drill


Many versatile uses

- Can be used with straps, chains or steel cables
- Adaptable to all types of trailers, including "C" and "Double-L" models
- Adaptable to trucks, trains and other means of transporting cargo


Built with quality

- Nylon bushings for easy rolling
- Many stainless steel parts
- Anti-corrosion surface treatment